New Automations to Super Charge Your Workflow

Jan 11, 2017
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We're the first to admit, our automations needed a bit of TLC. :) That's why we've been hard at work coming up with ways to improve them. We're excited to announce some brand new automations to super charge your workflow.

Making tags even more powerful

We've added the ability to manipulate tags through automations. You can now have "Tag added to a card" set as a trigger. So, anytime you add a specific tag to a card you can trigger an action like, "Move card in Rindle".

Rindle Sample Automation

You can also have "Add a tag to a card" set as an action. So now you can have a specific tag added a card that is moved to your "Todo" list.

Rindle Sample Automation 2

When a card is added from a Drop

Have you ever wanted to automatically do something to a card that comes in from one of your Drops? Well now you can! We've added a new trigger for "Card created from a Drop" that allows you to apply actions to cards that arrive in Rindle from any of the Drops you already have set-up. For example, you can add a tag to "Any email that I star in Gamil" when it arrives in Rindle.

Rindle Sample Automation 3

All New Automations

Card created from a Drop
Card created manually
Sub Card marked as complete in Rindle
Tag added to a card
Tag removed from a card

Mark all sub cards as complete in Rindle
Add a tag to a card
Remove a tag from a card

Automations become much more powerful with the addition of these new triggers and actions. We’re excited for their potential and can’t wait to see what you do with them. Check them out in Rindle