Put your time-sensitive tasks on repeat

Some processes and workflows require tasks to be put on your plate at certain intervals. With repeating tasks in Rindle, you can automate the creation of tasks based on virtually any time frequency.

Spend less time on administrative tasks.

When you use workflow automation, Rindle auto-completes steps of your process automatically, so your team can be as fast and productive as possible — and spend less time on administrative tasks.

It’s a surprising time-suck when you have to remember to manually create the same task over and over again based on some time frame.

Repeat any task based on frequency

In Rindle, you can repeat any task based on a daily, weekly, monthly, or custom time schedule. You can even specify the time of day, start dates or due dates, number of times to repeat the task, and so much more.

See your repeating tasks directly from the calendar

Plus, any task you repeat will be visible from the calendar view of any board in Rindle. That means better visibility and tons of saved time.

Perfect for reminders and other recurring processes

One of our favorite use cases for repeating tasks is not only reminding yourself of certain tasks, but also reminding other managers and team leads to complete certain tasks. If there’s a step or activity you need to be doing every day, week, month, or more, you can repeat it in Rindle.

"I really love how automations have streamlined many repeating and routine tasks, freeing up more time to get the important work done."

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Sarah Loertscher

Head of Operations

An end to managing the project management tool

Repeating tasks is part of the complete suite of projection automation tools in Rindle. With project automation, it doesn’t matter which department you’re in — project automation will speed things up for you and your team. Minimize time spent updating tasks, boards, and workflows, speed up your processes by automating task creation, assignments, completions, and breathe a little easier knowing Rindle’s got your back. Streamline your QA workflow, creative approval process, management reviews, and more.

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"The automation rules alone are insane. You can create rules to automagically move cards, complete them, auto-assign tasks, notify Slack, and so much more."

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Asia Matos

Founder of DemandMaven

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