Process items through multiple workflows in real-time.

Easier than adding songs to a Spotify playlist

Instead of treating boards like a closed eco-system, where what's inside only lives in one place, Rindle boards are more like playlists in Spotify. One song can live in more than one playlist, each in a different position within the playlist.

You can do the same for tasks in Rindle. We call them Mirrors.

Mirror - The ability to have a task exist on more than one board at the same time, flowing through different stages of each workflow.

Popular uses for Mirrors

  • Department Boards

    Create independent workflows for each department. Delegate by mirroring work from core workflows and projects to the department responsible for completing it. Department managers can see their department’s workload in a single workflow and assign the appropriate people as work requests come in.

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    Personal Assignment Boards

    Similar to department boards, create independent workflows for each team member’s assignments. Delegate work from different workflows and projects to the individuals responsible for completing it. Individuals can see their assignments in a single workflow across all workflows and projects.

  • Approval & Review Workflows

    Create separate, multi-step approval workflows off of a core workflow. All items requiring approval or review can be seen in a single workflow. When the approval or review is complete, automatically move the item to the next step in the core workflow and send a notification.

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    Escalations - Blocked - Manager Input

    Allow managers to field escalations from various workflows or projects and process them through a custom workflow.When the escalation has been addressed, automatically move the item to the next step in the core workflow and send a notification.

Take Mirrors to the Next Level with Hub & Spoke

When you combine the power of mirrors with our robust automation platform, the Hub & Spoke for Processes & Workflows model is born. We call it Hub & Spoke for short.

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    The Hub

    The hub is a central process, workflow, or project that tasks are routed through. The hub within a workflow could be a marketing board or a client project.

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    The Spoke

    The spokes are the routes that tasks take out of the hub. The spokes within a workflow could be Editorial and Advertising for Marketing or Design and Implementation for Client Projects

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    The Book

    We invented The Hub & Spoke Model for Processes & Workflows, and yes, we also wrote the book on it.

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