Our Story

It Started Here

In 2011, we met at a creative agency in New Jersey.

Tom, a talented full-stack engineer, was heading up the software development department while I, a self-made project manager, was heading up the project management department. What started as a working relationship turned into a friendship, which eventually planted the seed for Rindle.

The original idea for Rindle was simple: Automation is the future of task and project management.

Project management software hasn’t changed in over a decade. We’ve been exposed to the same general types of project management features in the same general types of solutions. And it’s always a solution that still causes people to keep their eye out for the next best thing.

So why would we want to recreate the same solution everyone else has for years?

2011 New Jersey

Our Beliefs

  • Don’t over-complicate

    We don’t believe in over-complicated, bloated software that attempts to do everything.

  • Powerful and Flexible

    We do believe in clean, easy-to-use software that is powerful and flexible and focused on achieving specific outcomes.

The Solution

It dawned on us. Businesses are always looking for the next best thing because most apps force you into a way of working. Their way. You never quite get your workflow up and running the way your team works. Anything with that amount of flexibility and customization requires a team to manage it and an enterprise budget.

Tom and I knew we could fix that problem. Instead of trying to build every feature under the sun, let’s focus on an Automation platform that lets you easily customize your workflow to exactly how you work. An automation platform that anyone can set up and manage. No code, no PMP or PMI certification, no complicated methodologies.

With Automations in hand, we’re bringing task and project management software into future. We’ve broken the mold of the “same old solution” and put power and flexibility to actually save your team time by automating your workflow into a clean, easy-to-use software platform.

Project automation completely changes the way you work, and we believe this is just the beginning!

Meet The Founders

  • Brian Faust

    CEO / Co-Founder
  • Tom Planer

    CTO / Co-Founder

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