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  • Browse

    See what’s on your plate in seconds. Search by tasks, sub tasks, tags, boards, and more — and always know what to work on next.

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  • Automations

    Automations are simple rules that eliminate redundant steps in your workflow.

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  • Reports

    Know which team members are most active and where projects are bottlenecked.

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Available to everyone on your team.
  • Tasks

    Easily create tasks for yourself or assign one to a teammate.

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    View Tasks
  • Advanced Sub Tasks

    Break up the work of a task into smaller pieces or divide the work among multiple people.

  • Projects

    Organize your tasks into private or shared boards for your goals, workflows, and projects.

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    View Projects
  • Project Groups

    Neatly consolidate all related projects into groups.

  • Lists

    Lists and columns let you customize Rindle to match your workflows and add structure to any project.

  • Custom Fields

    Store relevant information at the task level using text fields, dropdowns, radio selection, checkboxes, and dates.

  • Repeating Tasks

    Spend less time on administrative tasks with repeating tasks.

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  • Mirrors

    Allow the same task to live in multiple projects, completely synced in real-time.

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  • Dates

    Give each task a start date and a due date, so you always hit your deadlines.

  • Attachments

    Add files from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive to any task or comment.

  • Comments

    Comment directly on a task, to clarify exactly what needs to be done.

  • Email Replies

    Comment directly on a task, to clarify exactly what needs to be done.

  • Tags and Labels

    Sort your tasks by text and color coded tags.

  • Calendar

    See any list of tasks on a calendar to get a clear view of when work is due.

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    View Calendar
  • Direct Assignments

    Directly assign a task to anyone in your company, no project needed.

  • Multiple Assignees

    Assign tasks or sub tasks to one or more people depending on who is responsible.

  • Subscribers

    Subscribe your coworkers to your tasks and collaborate with them easily.

  • Watchers

    Only get updates for the work you care about by subscribing (or unsubscribing) from tasks.

  • Invite Guests

    Collaborate with customers, vendors, and contractors in Rindle.

  • Filters

    Find task easily and quickly.

  • Email to Task

    Turn your emails into tasks.

  • Slack to Task

    Use Slack to turn conversations into tasks.

    Rindle tasks image
    View Slack to Task
  • Export Projects

    Export your boards in CSV and ZIP.

  • Import Projects

    Import projects from sources like Trello, Asana or formated CSV file.

  • Integrations

    Enhance your team by connecting to apps your team already uses every day.

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  • Zapier Integrations

    Connect to your favorite apps via Zapier, and automate your workflow.

  • Team Members

    Easily add members to your Rindle team.

  • Member Groups

    Organize your team easily with member groups.

  • Templates

    Add new workflows to Rindle quickly by copying pre-made templates.

  • Task Dependencies

    Create dependencies in Gantt view and modify project plans in snap.

  • Gantt

    A perfect tool to visualize the progress of your projects with timelines and dependencies.

    View Gantt


Available to users at the admin level.
  • Admin Controls

    Admins can remove members, manage groups, and manage billing.

  • Activity Logs

    Keep track of all the changes made to projects and tasks.


  • User Avatars

    Personalize the way you look in Rindle.

  • Custom Backgrounds

    Organize or just make your projects fun with backgrounds.

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