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We are not Trello, Monday, or Asana. Traditional project management tools don’t help your team adopt processes.

With Rindle, your processes and the work you’re managing live in the same place. Build your processes in our No Code automation platform, drive team adoption, increase efficiency and scale your team.

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Companies improve efficiency more than 30% when they manage their processes in Rindle.

In-house agencies, design firms, ad agencies, custom manufacturers, mortgage companies, loan officers, lawyers and more use Rindle for process management and workflow automation.

  • Emily Wilcox Headshot

    “Mirrors and automations solved a huge problem for our team. They allowed each team to easily field work requests from 20+ open projects and cut down on countless emails that just cluttered our inbox.”

    Emily Wilcox

  • Marty Bhatia Headshote

    “Automations are a game changer for our team. They have streamlined our workflow saving us a ton of time and made us more consistent with completing imperative deliverables.”

    Marty Bhatia

    Digital Ninja
  • Alexandra Perakis Headshot

    “Rindle was perfect for managing our client on-boarding workflow between our Customer Success and Customer Support departments. I had my team up and running in days, not weeks or months.”

    Alexandra Perakis

  • Katy Riel Headshot

    “Rindle allowed us to have the capability to ‘mirror’ jobs to different boards so that everybody could have visibility where they wanted it, but it kept all of our information local to one area. That was a big, big selling point for us”

    Katy Riel

    Industry Threadworks
  • Joshua Merrell Headshot

    “Rindle was the easiest of these products to set up for what we needed it to accomplish as far as workflow automation, customization, and ease of use.”

    Joshua Merrell

    Royal Aire
  • Leslie Shannon Headshot

    “Automations keep your Rindle board clean, organized, and make it so you can do more in less time. And then the best part is they are completely customizable. You will not find this anywhere else, believe me, I screened over 30 management tools for my company before picking Rindle.”

    Leslie Shannon

  • Grant Wood Headshot

    “Rindle’s process management let us quickly take a very complex production workflow and break it into very small, simple, workflows that are focused on what's needed from individuals and teams, while automating the communication between the teams.”

    Grant Wood

    Knotion Labs