Access the Big Picture With Calendar View

Jul 6, 2018
Post Masthead

It's a given that Rindle populates critical details at your fingerprints, such as files, comments and status changes.

But now with Calendar View, you can expand and collapse these details in a calendar format to see the big picture.

The Calendar View is not just a visual accessory, but a living interactive module.

Take Action from Within the Calendar

  • Click through to start working on tasks
  • Drag-and-drop tasks
  • Change task properties such as tags and groups
  • Add team members
  • Reassign due dates


Anything with a start or due date will appear on the calendar, and users can rely on this view as a framework for time management.  A cursory audit of coordinated tasks and scheduling often saves a traffic jam up the road.

The Calendar View offers the insight necessary for smart long-term planning.  But in true Rindle form, it is also a drama-free simple tool meant for day-to-day use.

Users with a preference for visual-spatial learning will definitely appreciate the upgrade!

You'll also get to skip the drama twice, because collaborating within a calendar creates a fair playing field:  it increases transparency, communication, and ultimately productivity.  So in that sense you really get to double dip on this one. 😎

To access the calendar, click on the Calendar View icon from the Views Grid on your board navigation bar.


Check out the Calendar View help doc.