Transform the way your team works.

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You build processes all the time. Now it’s time your team follows them.

  1. Create custom processes with our No Code automation platform.

  2. Guide the work through the processes with Boards.

  3. Assign tasks, track deadlines, and collaborate with your team.

  4. Stay updated on progress and results.

Here’s how Rindle helps you improve

Our simple interface and powerful automations let you automate your processes with ease.

Create visual workflows in seconds

Our simple, No Code interface lets you create visual workflows to automate all of your processes using If Then statements. No developer needed! Point, click, and build. If you can read a flow chart, you can build a workflow in Rindle.

Create process steps in collaborative boards

Move tasks through each step of your process using Boards and easily assign tasks to your team. Track exactly where each task is in the process and get notified when updates are made and tasks are complete.

Conditional Logic

Use conditionals to create truly dynamic processes with AND/OR logic that adapts to your team’s changing needs.

Capture Structured Data

Use custom fields to collect structured data in each item that flows through your process. Input data manually or have it sent to and from the apps you love.

Mirrors - Don’t compromise when building your processes

Mirrors allow tasks to live in more than one process or board at the same time, all while moving freely within each. Mirrors offer the ultimate flexibility when building your processes so you don’t have to compromise.

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Success Story

"Automations keep your Rindle board clean, organized, and makes it so you can do more in less time. And then the best part is they are completely customizable."

Collaborate with your team

Stay up-to-date on activity and collaborate with your team. Control who can edit boards and workflows.

  • Track progress & collaborate with your team

    Manage tasks, share documents, and collaborate on your work. Work with your team on tasks to get things done. Easily see what is going on across your team, track progress on projects, and have conversations around tasks.

  • Stay up to date with Notifications

    Stay up to date on exactly what happens without having to dig through tons of emails. Use Notifications as your one-stop-shop for processing new @mentions, task assignments, comments, and more.

  • Instill Accountability by Assigning Tasks

    Assign tasks to your team so they know who’s responsible and ownership is crystal clear.

  • Control Access with Permissions

    Make sure your employees only see what they're supposed to. Control who can access, edit, and read your Boards.

  • Guest Users Accounts

    Using Rindle’s innovative Guest Users feature, you can bring any key stakeholder into your project or workflow, so you can provide status updates, cut down on approval delays, and deliver better work.

Let Rindle work for you.

It’s perfect for all kinds of teams and use cases:

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Available Anywhere, Anytime.

Rindle is available whether you're on a desktop, phone, or tablet.

Success Story

"Rindle allowed us to have the capability to ‘mirror’ jobs to different boards so that everybody could have visibility where they wanted it, but it kept all of our information local to one area. That was a big, big selling point for us."

Integrate with over 1000+ apps to automate tasks

Use our Zapier integration to connect with over 1000+ apps.

Automatically kick off processes, assign tasks and checklists, and update your other apps when actions happen inside Rindle.

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