Repeating Projects

You know that moment all too well. You’ve just landed your next big project and the first several days aren’t even spent getting work done, but setting up the project and assigning tasks.

Using board templates

With board templates in Rindle, you can spin up a new project in seconds, cutting out days of project planning, data entry, copying and pasting, and all the other hoops you jump through. Let board templates do the heavy lifting!

Project creation for your team

You can use board templates to systemize the project creation process for your team. Create a unique template for each type of project your team produces.

An Example

You might have the following for a creative agency:

  • Web design project
  • Digital marketing project
  • Social media campaign
  • Content creation project
  • New client onboarding
  • Brand launch project
  • Video production project

Your baseline workflow

Templates start with your baseline workflow. Of course, you can have different workflows in your agency for different reasons. But starting with a baseline will help everyone use and understand the process. Your baseline could look something like this:

  • Backlog
  • In Progress
  • Blocked
  • Review & Approval
  • Done

Simple Automations

Start simple with Automations that you can add right to your templates. You can add more as you go, but this is a great place to start.
  • Completing tasks

    • Trigger

      When you move a task to Done.

    • Action

      Mark the task complete.

  • Moving tasks that are complete

    • Trigger

      When you mark a task complete.

    • Action

      Move it to Done.

  • Adding List Based Tags

    • Trigger

      When you move the task to “Blocked”.

    • Action

      Add the “Blocked” tag.

  • Removing List Based Tags

    • Trigger

      When you move the task out of “Blocked”.

    • Action

      Remove the “Blocked” tag.

Getting More Advanced

  • Creating tasks and sub tasks

    In your template create tasks and sub tasks with dates and pre-assign tasks.

  • Sharing templates

    Share templates with team members and use them every time a new project is created.

Automations at a glance

  • Save time creating and assigning tasks

    Automagically create tasks for the remote team based on the activity in a workflow.

  • Speed up the workflow

    Keep work moving as project phases are updated and changed.

  • Provide internal visibility

    The remote team always stays informed and you always know when something is ready.

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