Case Studies

How Rindle helped manufacturer Trystar improve company-wide efficiency by up to 40%

  • Company

    Trystar logo
  • Customer

    Aaron Padrnos Lean Lead


Trystar builds emergency backup power solutions that help keep our country running in times of crisis. They manufacture state-of-the-art power distribution equipment, cable and generator docking stations for the healthcare, technology, entertainment, construction, utilities, and power rental industries.


  • Challenges

    • Tracking custom orders through production
    • Training new hires on a consistent process
    • Managing workflow in a unified system
  • Solution

    • Easy-to-use interface
    • Mirrors eliminate overwhelm and keep teams focused on next actions
    • Form integration gathers consistently complete information
    • Quick and comprehensive support
  • Results

    • Increased company-wide efficiency up to 40%
    • Fostered collaboration between departments
    • Reduced email overload
    • Boosted accountability
    • Improved project completion time

The Challenge

Managing workflow to rapidly and consistently fulfill orders

When a hurricane, tornado, earthquake or other natural disaster strikes, Trystar's clients depend on them for the equipment they need to get power restored as quickly as possible. Aaron Padrnos is Lean Lead at Trystar, where urgent new orders can come in a flurry.

That's when we get calls all day, every day. We need to fulfill orders that same day to take care of customers who are in emergency situations. We need to be very nimble to our customer's requests, and we have to be able to move quickly.

The problem was that they needed a better way to track orders through the entire production process. Much of their electrical equipment is custom manufactured, but there was no unified system in place to manage the workflow.

We were managing work on different spreadsheets. We needed a more efficient approach to manage who was working on what.

A more consistent workflow system would make it easier to bring new hires up to speed.

It's hard to train people on a process if it's not documented and clearly laid out for them to follow along and see what steps come next.

Although they had multiple weekly meetings to discuss new orders, it still proved difficult to gain the clarity and direction they needed to manage their workflow.

Those meetings would take half an hour to an hour, and you would leave with more answers needed. As a custom equipment manufacturer, that was a hard pill to swallow. We realized that we needed a better plan.

The Solution

Flexible and easy-to-learn process and workflow management software

Trystar considered several different workflow options, but instantly saw clear benefits to using Rindle.

Rindle's interface is very easy to use. Even as a person with no experience in computer programming, I was able to pick it up right away and put in some pretty intricate workflows. Rindle is one of the easiest programs I've ever used. It makes me look like an advanced programmer.

Besides being easy to learn, Rindle immediately cuts through the noise and helps teams focus on the tasks at hand. Trystar uses Rindle's mirror function to show teams the projects they need to work on next.

When a board has a hundred tickets on it, it can be overwhelming to try to figure out what you need to be doing. We use Rindle's mirrors so they're only looking at what they're responsible for. They can still go to the high-level board to see what projects are in motion right now. But instead of trying to sift through it all, they can just go to their own individual board and see exactly what they need to be doing. They really like that.

Rindle also makes it easy for everyone to get exactly the information they need to keep projects moving forward.

Before, nobody knew what information another person might need. But now we can use forms with required fields, so everybody is now getting consistently complete information. That has decreased the amount of back-and-forth, and reduced the time lost waiting for answers from other departments.

Once they began implementing Rindle, it quickly spread throughout the company as other departments saw new opportunities to increase efficiency.

Engineering and electrical picked it up really quickly. But now other departments have just been running toward it. As soon as people interact with it, they can see the benefits to managing their workflows and their projects. They keep coming up with new ideas for how they can use it in their department. It's been a huge help.

When Trystar has technical questions, they get answers quickly. According to Padrnos, the quality of support provided by Rindle is second to none.

It's great to work with those guys at Rindle. They are constantly improving the software and adding new features to make it more useful. Anytime we ask a question, they respond in under two minutes with detailed answers. They've made my job really easy, and they make me look really good. I'm very appreciative of everything they do.

The Results

40% higher efficiency company-wide

Using Rindle, Trystar can now complete projects with greater speed and greater accuracy than ever before.

It's been a huge help to make sure that nothing gets lost in the shuffle of everyday work, and it allows us to complete projects much more quickly and consistently.

Rindle has also opened up collaboration between different departments, empowering them to quickly spot bottlenecks and resolve them.

It's been huge for collaboration. Instead of all the departments trying to email each other, now you can just put everything on one board where everyone can understand where a project is, and see what the hang-ups are.

Not only has Rindle cut down on email overload, it also drives greater accountability and better decision-making.

When an email was sent to 20 people, there were 20 people thinking that somebody else was going to respond to it. Whereas now with Rindle, you can very clearly assign a task to one person, so everyone knows who needs to complete it.

Rindle has also increased organization-wide efficiency by providing up-to-the-minute updates, to better manage everyone's workflow.

When you have updated information to supply, you can just go into Rindle and add the information to the ticket, and it will notify people that the information was added. They don't need to wait for the next meeting to find out. They can keep moving forward.

With a nearly effortless user interface, mirrors to keep teams and individuals focused, form integration to provide consistent information, and responsive support for any questions, Rindle has provided Trystar with a significant efficiency boost.

We've saved 30% to 40% of our time. A lot of that is because the information coming in is now more complete than it ever was before. And now everybody knows what their responsibilities are. Everyone has a consistent workflow that they can follow every single day.

Padrnos says that he wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rindle to anyone looking for flexible and customizable workflow management software with excellent support.

Rindle has been a great company to work with and partner with as we've put more structure to our processes here at Trystar. We're very happy.