Client Onboarding

Use Automations and Mirrors to automatically create and assign new tasks the second you need to onboard a new client. Combined with board templates, you’ll also be able to save even more time creating the same types of tasks over and over again.

How to automate client onboarding

In this example, we’re using a Sales board to manage our Client Deals, and when they close, we’ve got a Client Operations board for the Client Success team to manage.

  • On The Sales Board

    Start the Onboarding Process When a Deal Closes

    • Trigger

      In this workflow, tasks represent client deals. When any client deal in the Deal Flow moves to “Closed Won”, set the value of the “Ready for onboarding?” Custom field

    • Action

      Set the value of the “Ready for onboarding?” Custom field to 'Yes'.

    • Action

      Under actions, on the Client Operations board, create a task in the 'To Onboard' list. This enables us to automatically assign the new client to the Client Success team.

  • On The Client Operations Board

    Create onboarding tasks for the Client Success team

    • Trigger

      Next, we’ll automate the onboarding process for the Client Success Team. Set the trigger to when a task enters the “To onboard” column on the Client Operations board.

    • Action

      For actions, assign the task to [ Client Success Member ].

    • Action

      Notify [ Client Success Member ] via Slack in the #client-success channel.

    • Action

      Set the due date of the task to 2 weeks from today.

    • Action

      Create the following sub tasks:

      • Assign following onboarding tasks to team members
      • Send confirmation email with next steps to client
      • Create a folder in Google Drive for new client
      • Create weekly check-in document for new client
      • Add in signed contract to folder in GD
      • Schedule internal kick-off meeting
      • Schedule onboarding meeting with new client
      • Share Google Drive with new client
      • Send onboarding email to client; link to relevant docs
      • Schedule weekly check-ins with new client
  • On The Client Operations Board

    Automate managing your boards and tasks

    • Trigger

      You can use automation to keep the board as organized and clean as possible! For example, moving tasks to the “Done” list when all of its sub tasks are marked complete. Under triggers, choose “Marked sub tasks complete”.

    • Action

      Mark the parent task complete.

    • Action

      Move the task to “Done”. This helps you save time updating the board and manually moving individual tasks.

    • Action

      Then, create a new task on the “Sales Board” for a “Post onboarding follow-up”.

    • Action

      Notify the account representative via Slack in the #sales channel. Not only does this automation help you keep the board clean, but also gives other team members a heads up!

The Workflow

Workflow sales board lists Workflow sales board task Workflow sales board actions Workflow connection to client board
Client Operations
Workflow client operations lists Workflow client operations task
Workflow client operations actions Workflow client operations path Workflow client operations subtasks Workflow client operations task actions

Automations at a glance

  • Save time creating and assigning tasks

    Automagically create tasks for the remote team based on the activity in a workflow.

  • Speed up the workflow

    Keep work moving as project phases are updated and changed.

  • Provide internal visibility

    The remote team always stays informed and you always know when something is ready.

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