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You’re not PMP-certified. Why should your tool be?

Listen — we think it’s cool that you’re not an “official” project manager. You know your way around motivating your team, defining what the project will look like, working against deadlines, and getting things done. You don’t need to be a PMP-certified project manager to do that, right?

Correct. And your software shouldn’t make you feel like you need to be just to use it.

Everything else is too bloated or complicated

It seems like every year, project management tools get more and more complicated, and your team gets more and more restless with what you’re using. Truth is, you don’t need a billion features to get the work done, and the complicated interface is just too distracting. You want to get in, help your team keep things moving, and get out.

You want to work the way you want to work. But project management hasn’t drastically changed in decades. So why keep using the same, bloated, complicated project management tools and expecting a different outcome?

"As an ‘unofficial PM,’ I find Rindle’s interface incredibly intuitive and easy to use – it is a dream. I've used other project management tools in the past, but found all of them overly complicated and lacking in customization capabilities. Rindle is the complete opposite – it has a logical learning curve and offers all the necessary customization options.

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Alva Gardner

Small Business Vocational Coordinator

You deserve project management software that is actually easy-to-use and minimizes distractions

Here’s the thing — most of the project management tools out there are waaaayyy too complicated to actually help you and your team save time and get more done.

You need something that can actually work with you and not against you. That’s why we built Rindle: a simple, clean project management software that virtually anyone can get the hang of.

With Rindle, you’ll be able to:

  • Create boards and board templates
  • Choose between a variety of project types
  • Assign tasks
  • Set deadlines and start dates
  • Etc..

When you need support, we’re a click away

Call wait times and responses that take 2 weeks just aren’t our style. When you need help, we’re right there with you within 2 hours — sometimes as little as a few minutes. Doesn’t matter if you have a question about a feature or you’re not sure the best way to setup your boards for your specific team needs.

We’ve got you. Just click on the little chat icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen and we’ll be right there.

Deliberately flexible

Project management software should be easy to use for everyone on your team. Everything in Rindle is designed for ease of use and simplicity. You can quickly onboard your entire team in hours, not weeks.

We’ve got you. Just click on the little chat icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen and we’ll be right there.

Manage your projects without the headache by switching to Rindle

Lose the bloated, complicated software. Enjoy a simple, beautifully designed task & project management tool that your team will actually use.

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Plus, switching is easy! We’ll do the heavy lifting

We’ve removed all the roadblocks for you to switch from another provider. Whether you’re using our one-click import tools or qualify for our concierge onboarding (yep, we’ll move every project, task, and due date), switching to Rindle is a snap.

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what other team leaders say about Rindle

  • "Rindle was perfect for managing our client on-boarding workflow between our Customer Success and Customer Support departments. I had my team up and running in days, not weeks or months."

    Alexandra Perakis avatar

    Alexandra Perakis

  • "Before Rindle, our team felt disconnected and disorganized. From our very first project on Rindle we noticed we spent less time managing software and more time getting work done."

    Brendan Elliott avatar

    Brendan Elliott

    CTO, Sneakers Agency
  • "Automations are a game changer for our team. They have streamlined our workflow saving us a ton of time and made us more consistent with completing imperative deliverables."

    Marty Bhatia avatar

    Marty Bhatia

    Digital Ninja
  • "The functionality I wasn't finding in Trello + more customization than I could get from Asana."

    Marty Bhatia avatar

    Claire Suellentrop

    SaaS Messaging & Conversion Expert
  • "Finally, a project management tool that actually makes our lives easier!"

    Marty Bhatia avatar

    Alisha J.

    Project Manager
  • "Mirrors and automations solved a huge problem for our team. They allowed each team to easily field work requests from 20+ open projects and cut down on countless emails that just cluttered our inbox."

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    Emily Wilcox

    Partner Elevate

Onboard your entire team in hours — not weeks.

See a difference in your team’s productivity in 14 days. That’s how much we believe you and your team will love Rindle.