Workflow Automation

Cut your administrative work in half by letting Rindle do the heavy lifting. Bypass your inbox, auto-assign tasks, and trigger actions in other apps.
Rindle Workflow Automation

What is workflow automation?

Leave the repetitive parts of your workflow to us. When you use workflow automation, Rindle auto-completes steps of your business processes automatically, so your team can spend more time on important work — and less time on administrative tasks.

As easy as a click. No code required.

Our workflow automation platform is the simplest way to create repeatable workflows that will save you time and increase efficiency.

Create a Rule

Decide what action needs to be automated. For example, you may want to auto-assign certain tasks or phases of a project to a specific team member.

Define a Trigger

Decide when Rindle should auto-complete the action. This could be every time a card is added to a certain list, or given a specific tag.

Select an Action

Tell Rindle what action to take, and save your new rule. Never worry about manually doing this task again!

Cut your administrative work in half

No matter which department you’re in, workflow automations will speed things up for your team. Streamline your QA workflow, creative approval process, management reviews, and more.

Assign tasks to any team member

Improve productivity through automated delegation. Let Rindle assign team members to tasks as they move through your workflow, ensuring your team knows exactly what to do, at exactly the right time.

Auto-send notifications to anyone

Rindle frees up time by sending notifications just at the right time in your workflow. Build workflow rules for virtually any situation and send emails or Slack messages to a person, team, or system. When a rule is met, Rindle sends the notification for you.

Complete, archive, & delete cards

Eliminate countless click with repetitive steps in your workflow by automating things like marking a card complete, archiving a card, or deleting a card. This allows your team to focus on moving tasks through the workflow, not managing the software.

With workflow automation, your team can focus on what matters most…getting real work done. Let Rindle handle the rest.