Customer Onboarding Process Software

Rindle helps teams automate their customer onboarding processes, making them standardized and streamlined, and improving the accuracy of critical data and information.

Benefits of using Rindle for Automated Customer Onboarding

Create the experience your customers deserve

Our Kanban powered Boards allow real-time monitoring of all customers in the pipeline, as well as the team members assigned to perform the onboarding tasks. The calendar brings one more type of vision, alerts set clear deadlines and labels help to categorize each item of the operation. This way, no customer or task will fall through the cracks.

Approval Processes and Beyond

Build approval processes inside your customer onboarding flows, ensuring approvals are requested, properly reviewed, and approved. Automate other customer onboarding processes like task delegation, quality control, issue escalations, and more.


Use Gantt Charts to plan your customer onboarding timeline. Add dependencies to identify when tasks can be started and what it’s waiting on to complete. As plans change, update the entire project with Auto Scheduling, making last minute changes a breeze.

Task Management

Rindle’s robust task management capabilities help you break down your customer onboarding tasks to the most granular level, using unlimited levels of tasks and sub tasks. Assign tasks, add due dates, and allow your team to execute the customer onboarding process in the way that suits them best, using views like Column (Kanban), Lists, Calendar, or Gantt Charts.


Stop all the data entry and save time on project setup with task and project templates. Templates help you to save time, reduce errors, and create consistency across projects types.

Reporting and Dashboards

Rindle has all of the reporting tools you need to get key project status updates, so you can get a quick view of how projects are tracking. Quickly view project health at a high level across multiple projects, and drill down to identify issues, unblock bottlenecks, and ensure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Client Onboarding Template

Need to get started quickly? This template helps you keep track of your tasks to welcome and onboard new customers to your company.

Success Story

"Automations keep your Rindle board clean, organized, and makes it so you can do more in less time. And then the best part is they are completely customizable."

Unlimited free Guest Users

Streamline your collaboration process with external users like clients, contractors, and stakeholders.

Using Rindle’s innovative Guest Users feature, you can bring any key stakeholder into your workflows at no extra cost, so you can communicate with context, cut down on approval delays, and deliver better work

Distribute Work to Departments

With Mirrors, when a department is assigned a task in a project, the assigned task will also show on the department’s Board. This allows teams to field assigned tasks from many projects into their own team Board, allowing them to process the tasks through their own process, see exactly what they are working, and easily delegate tasks.

We call this use of Mirrors and Automations the Hub & Spoke Model for Processes.

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More reasons to love Rindle

Connects to the tools you love

Rindle integrates with all the tools you love like Harvest, Slack, G Suite, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more.

Unrivaled customer support

Our customer support team is the best in the industry and are always there to help — no matter what the question. Speak with a real person via email, chat, phone, and video.

Mobile apps

Work from anywhere at any time with the Rindle mobile app, the agency process management app that’s so easy to use.

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Transparent roadmap

Our roadmap is driven by customer needs — see what we’re working on at any time.

Reliable & secure

We have the controls in place to ensure we meet security standards to keep your data safe and secure.

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Integrate with over 1000+ apps to automate tasks

Use our Zapier integration to connect with over 1000+ apps.

Automatically kick off processes, assign tasks and checklists, and update your other apps when actions happen inside Rindle.

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Available Anywhere, Anytime.

Rindle is available whether you're on a desktop, phone, or tablet.

Success Story

"Rindle allowed us to have the capability to ‘mirror’ jobs to different boards so that everybody could have visibility where they wanted it, but it kept all of our information local to one area. That was a big, big selling point for us."

Companies improve efficiency more than 30% when they manage their processes in Rindle.

In-house agencies, design firms, ad agencies, custom manufacturers, mortgage companies, loan officers, lawyers and more use Rindle for process management and workflow automation.

  • Pheli Dlamini Headshot

    “Rindle helped us move from paper to remote workflows. It is a great product for collaboration and workflows, task reminders and schedule of repeated tasks, and templates are easy to set up. Anytime you have a question or an issue there is always a live person to help you asap!”

    Pheli Dlamini

    Power Properties
  • Erica Naeger Headshote

    “I like the ease-of-use of Rindle. It's very easy to navigate and learn. I also like the customization and flexibility of automations. The Rindle team helped customize Rindle to meet our firm’s needs.”

    Erica Naeger

    Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, P.C.
  • Claire Suellentrop Headshot

    “Rindle provides the complexity that Trello lacked, AND the customization that Asana lacks. On top of that, I've found Rindle's "Workflow Automations" to be a HUGE timesaver.”

    Claire Suellentrop

    SaaS Messaging & Conversion Expert
  • Alisha Joy Headshot

    “No more emailing back and forth to communicate a job status - anyone can view the progress at any time. The Rindle Team (who we've nicknames "The Rind-dudes) are phenomenal and incredibly responsive.”

    Alisha Joy

    Resolute Building Intelligence
  • Sarah Loertscher Headshot

    “Brilliant features, such as mirroring tasks and tons of automation - Super support from customer service. The Rindle team is always responsive and they listen to opinions, feedback, and problems.”

    Sarah Loertscher

  • Asia Matos Headshot

    “The automation rules alone are insane. You can create rules to automagically move cards, complete them, auto-assign tasks, notify Slack, and so much more. The team behind Rindle is another huge plus. They're incredibly down-to-earth, accessible, and 100% committed to building features into the platform that you'll actually use.”

    Asia Matos

  • Alva Gardner Headshot

    “As an “unofficial PM”, I find Rindle's interface incredibly intuitive and easy to use - it is a DREAM. I've used other project management tools in the past, but found all of them overly complicated and lacking in customization capabilities. Rindle is the complete opposite - it has a logical learning curve and offers all the necessary customization options.”

    Alva Gardner

    Ability Now Bay Area

Get started with Rindle. See how Rindle can help your team with our 14-day free trial.

See if we're the right fit. No credit card needed, cancel anytime.