Reviews & Approvals

Whether you’re writing code, a blog post, or designing the next great logo, someone somewhere has to review the work and give their stamp of approval. Maybe even more than one person. With Automations, you ensure the approval hand-off takes place and the ball keeps rolling after the approval happens.

How to automate review & approvals for your team

In this example, we explore how a creative director, the head of print department, and the project manager on a project can automate the review and approval of a new design.
  • Notify the Creative Director when a new approval request arrives

    • Trigger

      In this workflow, a task is a design request. This trigger looks for when a task moves to the “Review & Approval” list in the workflow.

    • Action

      Once the trigger has been met, then notify the #creative-director channel in Slack and Send an email.

  • Notify specific approvers using conditionals

    • Trigger

      Let’s say certain types of tasks need certain people to approve the work. Set the trigger to when a task moves to Review & Approval.

    • Condition

      This is where we get specific. Add a condition to the trigger to only if the task has the “Print” tag.

    • Action

      Notify the Head of Print Department. Now our approvals process can still funnel reviews and approvals to specific people based on other logic.

  • Notify the Project Manager when it’s approved

    • Trigger

      We can also keep the Project Manager in the know when the task has been reviewed and approved. Set the trigger to when the tasks’s “Custom Field: Approval” is set to “Approved”.

    • Action

      Notify the Project Manager

    • Action

      Move the task to the next list — which in this scenario is “Done”. This helps Project Managers stay up to date while also enabling them to update the client.

  • Notify the Project Manager when it’s denied

    • Trigger

      The example above is for approvals, but the opposite can be applied in case something is rejected. In this case, the trigger is when “Custom Field Approval” is set to “Denied”.

    • Action

      Notify PM and move the task to the Blocked list. If you have other automations that trigger based on tasks entering the “Blocked” list, then those will trigger as well.

The Workflow

Automations at a glance

  • Save time creating and assigning tasks

    Automagically create tasks for the remote team based on the activity in a workflow.

  • Speed up the workflow

    Keep work moving as project phases are updated and changed.

  • Provide internal visibility

    The remote team always stays informed and you always know when something is ready.

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