When you’re managing 20+ projects at one time, it can be difficult to see the big picture of priorities happening in the company. Not just fires that need to be put out, but also changing priorities for teams.

How to automate escallations

  • On All Boards

    Group tasks with the same tag

    • Trigger

      With Automations and Mirrors, you can create centralized groups of specific tasks. For example, if you wanted to see all tasks tagged with URGENT in one place, you could create this Automation: set the trigger to when a task is tagged with URGENT

    • Action

      Then mirror the task to the “Urgent Priorities Board” at the top of the “Backlog” list. This would allow you to not only centralize all the URGENT tasks, but have them move through a separate workflow without ever leaving the client project.

  • On The Urgent Priorities Board

    Notify the Project Managers of Urgent Tasks

    • Trigger

      When you want to notify the project manager of an urgent task, set the trigger to check when a new task is created in “Backlog”.

    • Action

      For your actions, post a message to the #urgent channel in Slack to let everyone know something new has arrived.

    • Action

      Finally, notify the project manager via email. Notifying the project manager of urgent tasks is now easily achievable — no matter how many projects they are managing.

The Workflow

Workflow sales board lists Workflow sales board task Workflow sales board actions Workflow connection to client board
Urgent Priorities
Workflow client operations lists Workflow client operations task
Workflow client operations actions

Automations at a glance

  • Save time creating and assigning tasks

    Automagically create tasks for the remote team based on the activity in a workflow.

  • Speed up the workflow

    Keep work moving as project phases are updated and changed.

  • Provide internal visibility

    The remote team always stays informed and you always know when something is ready.

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