Get stuff done on a single tab instead of 50.

Your work lives in multiple apps. Rindle helps you create workflows from multiple channels with easy to use boards, lists, and cards.
Rindle Board
Add Drops to integrate with the apps you already use. Tasks and other actionable information drop right into Rindle to give you a birds-eye-view of your work.
Rindle Drops
Open a card and you can create sub cards, add tags, start and due dates, and more. If the card was created from a Drop you’ll see all the important information from the Drop right inside the card.
Rindle Card
With sub cards, you can quickly create checklists inside a card. You can drag and drop a card into another card by holding shift, or add one straight from within the card. And with the iCal feed you can see everything in one calendar view.
Rindle Sub Cards
Rindle Comments
Add comments to cards to capture important details, links, and more. You can easily format notes with built-in markdown support.
Share a Rindle Board

You can invite as many people to your board as you need. Assign tasks to yourself or anyone else on the board. Everyone sees the same board and the entire picture all at the same time.

Rindle Card Syncing
Rindle Tags
Card Indicators give you a quick, visual status of a card. They will appear on new cards that have arrived from Drops, cards that are due within three days, and card that are due today or past due.
Edit a card right from the card face. You can edit the card name, mark it as complete, archive it, move it, or trash it without opening the card.
Sometimes you want a Kanban style board that you can drag cards through a workflow and sometimes you want a traditional task list. We have you covered! You can switch your board to card view or list view anytime depending on how you want to work.
Rindle Board with Card and List View
Conveniently keep all your events in one place. Sync your Rindle cards to your Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, or any calendar that accepts an iCalendar URL.
Rindle iCalendar Integration
Build powerful and flexible workflows with just a few clicks. Like when a Basecamp card gets moved to Done, it’s marked as complete in Rindle and Basecamp at the same time!
Rindle Automation
Save precious keyboard strokes with our handy shortcuts.

Trusted by over 5,000 Users

Rindle gives me a complete birds eye view of all my todos across Github, Trello and Slack. Now I never miss a thing, it’s all in one place and has made managing my workflow fun again!

Dominique BriggsDesigner & Project Manager
What I like best about Rindle is that it adapts to my personal workflow, not the other way around. It’s the one app to rule them all.
Rindle Testimonial - Jack
Jack BeaudoinFreelance Writer
I’m always searching for ways to help me enhance my productivity. Using Rindle allowed me to easily develop a personalized workflow that integrates with the tools I already use, rather than be constrained by them. I think the search is over.
Rindle Testimonial - Chris
Chris RosatoUX Strategy Consultant
Rindle is an awesome product! I love it, mainly because it can be as simple as any Kanban board while still packing the power features I felt were missing.
Rindle Testimonial - Evandro
Evandro CamargoFull Stack Web Developer

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