Remote Work Management

Keep moving your project on track, hit deadlines, and launch easily using this remote work template.

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About This Template

This template helps you manage your remote teams so you can ensure your team stays in sync, goals are being met and remote employees have the collaboration they need to be successful.

Here are the lists you will use:

Todo > Doing > Blocked > Done


This list will store all of the work that needs to get done. Typically, this is where tasks start in the workflow. More specifically, they typically start at the bottom of the list as the Backlog is usually prioritized top to bottom.


This list will house tasks that are currently being worked on. Tasks should only be moved from the Backlog to In Progress when it's actually being worked on, not planned to be worked on. If it's not currently being worked on it should remain in the Backlog.


This list will help your team separate tasks that have outside dependencies holding up progress. By moving it out of In Progress to Blocked, it visually sets the task apart so the entire team knows which tasks are Blocked. @mention specific people of the blocked task.


This list is exactly as described. Tasks that are completed live here.

How to use this template

The lists as described above will flow left to right. Todo on the far left and Done on the far right. In the same manner, tasks will flow through lists from left to right.

  1. All new tasks get added to the bottom of the Todo list

  2. Tasks get pulled from the Todo into Doing and assigned to a team member

  3. If there is something holding up a task, it gets moved to Blocked

  4. When issues with Blocked tasks are resolved, the task moves back to Doing

  5. When the task is complete, it moves to Done

Included in this Template

  • Lists

    Included lists ensure that your workflow is clear and ready to go. Even customizable if needed.

    • To Do
    • Doing
    • Blocked
    • Done
  • Automations

    Allow Rindle to do the work for you from the start with these preset automations ensuring your workflow stays ensync.

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