Employee Onboarding

This template helps you keep track of your tasks to welcome and onboard new customers to your company.

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About This Template

This template helps you keep track of your tasks to welcome and onboard new customers to your company. It captures everything from sending the welcome email to kicking off the project and makes it easy for you to move them quickly through the process without missing a step.

New customers move from left to right with everybody on your team gaining visibility into where the clients are in the process. The setup of this board also gives you a good bird's eye view and helps indicate if and where bottlenecks are in the process.

Using variables and custom fields, the template gives every customer a unique number so you can reference them more easily in conversation. The card numbers are also displayed on the card face along with other information about the client

Use the Focus Tab to show exactly what needs to be done at each step of the process. You can even include instructions on how to execute tasks and provide links to resources like standard operating procedures (SOP).

How to use this template

Card creation

  1. Create a card for a new client. Name the card by the client’s name (Last, First or First Last etc.).

  2. Complete the custom fields: Primary Contact, Contract Value, and Service Type

  3. Use the card description for any additional details about the content.

  4. Assign the card to the team member responsible.

Team Members

  1. When you have begun onboarding the client, move the card to the “Client Prep” step to automatically create the first set of sub tasks.

  2. Link client documents to the card (e.g. Google Docs or other)

  3. Move the client through each step as they progress through the process.

  4. Each step offers sub tasks to complete.

  5. After the client has been onboarded, move the card to “Onboarding Complete”.

Included in this Template

  • Lists

    Included lists ensure that your workflow is clear and ready to go. Even customizable if needed.

    • Before First Day
    • First Day
    • First Week
    • First Month
    • Done
  • Custom Fields

    Ensure that your collecting the right data from the start with these custom fields.

    • Email Address
    • Position
    • Type
  • Automations

    Allow Rindle to do the work for you from the start with these preset automations ensuring your workflow stays ensync.

Use Rindle to get back control of your sales team's processes.