Sales Process Management Software

Every sales team has processes. The challenge is getting everyone to follow them.

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Sales teams turn to Rindle when traditional project management software fails them

  1. Standardize sales operations with structured workflows

  2. Automate your marketing processes on a flexible No Code automation platform

  3. Automate your sales funnel, track leads, manage proposal approval flows, and more

  4. Keep clients and stakeholders updated on every step of the process

Streamline sales operations and scale your team

Sales teams waste countless hours tracking down work and putting out fires. It’s time to bring structure to chaos. Gain visibility of your campaigns and opportunities, and build real-time, error-free processes to streamline your marketing operations.


Customize your workflow by collecting structured data with custom fields, integrating with other apps, and connecting with other processes without technical help.


Maintain oversight of your marketing team's operations and track the status of each marketing request and sales lead.


Drive process adoption among your team members, creating consistency, efficiency, and accuracy.

Improved Communication

Marketers, creatives, salespeople, managers—keep everyone in the loop with automatic updates and approval flows.

Sales Optimized Process Management

Powerful features & flexibility you will love.

Automate your key processes

Processes are everywhere, from sales to client onboarding, creative approvals to quality assurance, and more. Use Rindle’s No Code automation platform to implement your custom processes so they are followed every, single, time.

Control Sales Requests

Bring efficiency to your sales team by automating how and when things get done. Standardize your sales request process so requests are captured and processed in a single place and are executed in a consistent way.

Manage error-proof sales proposal processes

Manage deadlines, proofreading loops, management approval, and automate handoffs on a single platform. From proposal creation to client distribution, your workflow is smooth, integrated, and accurate.

Guest Users Accounts

Using Rindle’s innovative Guest Users feature, you can bring any key stakeholder into your project or workflow, so you can provide status updates, cut down on approval delays, and deliver better work.


Don’t start from scratch

Check out our range of templates for popular projects and processes. Customize them for your workflows or create your own templates.

Success Story

"Rindle allowed us to have the capability to ‘mirror’ jobs to different boards so that everybody could have visibility where they wanted it, but it kept all of our information local to one area. That was a big, big selling point for us."

Use Rindle to get back control of your sales team's processes.

More reasons to love Rindle

Connects to the tools you love

Rindle integrates with all the tools you love like Harvest, Slack, G Suite, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more.

Unrivaled customer support

Our customer support team is the best in the industry and are always there to help — no matter what the question. Speak with a real person via email, chat, phone, and video.

Mobile apps

Work from anywhere at any time with the Rindle mobile app, the agency process management app that’s so easy to use.

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Transparent roadmap

Our roadmap is driven by customer needs — see what we’re working on at any time.

Reliable & secure

We have the controls in place to ensure we meet security standards to keep your data safe and secure.

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Bring efficiency to your sales team and reduce “organized chaos” with Rindle.