Task and project automation for growing teams

“Manual” project management is so old-school. If you’ve been spending tons of time managing your project management tool, then you might want to try Rindle: project management automation for growing teams.

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Are you managing projects the “old way”?

You’re familiar with project management and some best practices, but no matter what you try, you still seem to spend more time managing the work than doing it. You hate micromanaging people and reminding your team to use the platform and update their tasks and boards.

You’re constantly managing the dreaded “drop off” every time an important task is handed off to someone else. Catching what fell off the radar between those important steps feels like solving a Rubik’s cube.

"Mirrors and automations solved a huge problem for our team. They allowed each team to easily field work requests from 20+ open projects and cut down on countless emails that just cluttered our inbox."

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Emily Wilcox

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You deserve a new breed of project management software

Here’s the thing — it isn’t your fault that you’re spending so much time managing the project management tool. Basic project management tools put the burden on you to make sure the process is being followed.

You need project automation. Automations allow you to create powerful rules that enforce the process for you. Think of them as bots working for you tirelessly in the background, making sure the process is followed and tasks don’t fall through the cracks.

With automations, you’ll be able to:

  • Create powerful rules to control every step of your process.
  • Ensure rules get triggered only on the items you want with conditionals.
  • Automate task hand-offs with automatic task assignments and notifications.
  • Leverage board templates for repeating automated processes.
  • Have tasks go through different workflows at the same time with Mirrors.
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  • Create a Rule

    Decide what action needs to be automated. For example, you may want to auto-assign certain tasks or phases of a project to a specific team member.

  • Define a Trigger

    Decide when Rindle should auto-complete the action. This could be every time a task is added to a certain list, or given a specific tag.

  • Select an Action

    Tell Rindle what action to take, and save your new rule. Never worry about manually doing this task again.

Task & project management features you would expect

On top of the automation power you’re looking for, Rindle comes with all of the task and project management features you would expect.

Dedicated to your success

  • Easy to use and flexible

    Our relentless dedication to making Rindle easy-to-use and flexible allows you to onboard your entire team in minutes, not weeks. Rindle is so flexible it can be used by one team or every team in your company.

  • Switching is easy

    Whether you’re using our one-click import tools or qualify for our concierge onboarding (yep, we’ll move every project, task, and due date), switching to Rindle is a snap.

  • Customer support you’ll love

    Doesn’t matter if you have a question about a feature or you’re not sure the best way to setup your boards for your specific team needs. We’ve got you. Just click on the little chat icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen and we’ll be right there. We’ll even hop on a call with you...try us!

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what other team leaders say about Rindle:

  • "Rindle was perfect for managing our client on-boarding workflow between our Customer Success and Customer Support departments. I had my team up and running in days, not weeks or months."

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    Alexandra Perakis

  • "Before Rindle, our team felt disconnected and disorganized. From our very first project on Rindle we noticed we spent less time managing software and more time getting work done."

    Brendan Elliott avatar

    Brendan Elliott

    CTO, Sneakers Agency
  • "Automations are a game changer for our team. They have streamlined our workflow saving us a ton of time and made us more consistent with completing imperative deliverables."

    Marty Bhatia avatar

    Marty Bhatia

    Digital Ninja
  • "The functionality I wasn't finding in Trello + more customization than I could get from Asana."

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    Claire Suellentrop

    SaaS Messaging & Conversion Expert
  • "Finally, a project management tool that actually makes our lives easier!"

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    Alisha J.

    Project Manager
  • "As an ‘unofficial PM,’ I find Rindle’s interface incredibly intuitive and easy to use – it is a dream. I've used other project management tools in the past, but found all of them overly complicated and lacking in customization capabilities. Rindle is the complete opposite – it has a logical learning curve and offers all the necessary customization options."

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    Alva Gardner

    Small Business Vocational Coordinator

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