Task Management Software

Rindle’s task management software makes it easy to customize, run, and manage workflows in a single place – without technical help.

Rindle Board Kanban View

Teams turn to Rindle when traditional task management software fails them.

  1. Automate your team’s processes on a flexible No Code automation platform

  2. Streamline high volume work intake and repeating projects

  3. Manage multiple complex projects and processes with ease

  4. Keep clients and stakeholders updated on every step of the process

Streamline task management and scale your team

Teams waste countless hours tracking down work and putting out fires. It’s time to bring structure to chaos. Gain visibility of your projects and opportunities, and build real-time, error-free processes to streamline your operations.


Customize your workflow by collecting structured data with custom fields, integrating with other apps, and connecting with other processes without technical help.


Maintain oversight of your team’s operations and track the status of each client request, retainer, and project.


Drive process adoption among your team members, creating consistency, efficiency, and accuracy.

Improved Communication

Keep everyone in the loop with automatic updates and approval flows.

Organize your tasks and customize your processes

Powerful features & flexibility you will love.

Get full visibility, exactly how you want it

Still tracking tasks using email, chat, or spreadsheets? Rindle can help! You can choose from kanban, list, calendar or gantt view to see due dates and assignees, so you can keep track of deadline and spot bottlenecks ahead of time.

Visual Workflows (Kanban)

Use Kanban view to visualize the whole project like a picture, instead of reading through hundreds of tasks in a spreadsheet. Tackle bottlenecks before they become a problem.

Stay on schedule

Use a Calendar view to get a monthly, weekly or daily view of all tasks that are due. Modify tasks without leaving the calendar view. You can even drag and drop tasks to change start and due dates.

Delegate tasks like a superhero

Mirrors allow tasks to live in more than one process or board at the same time, all while moving freely within each. Your projects and processes can be centralized while assigned tasks can be delegated to team or individual boards.

More On Mirrors

Automate your key processes

Processes are everywhere, from sales, to client onboarding, to creative approvals, quality assurance, and more. Use Rindle’s NO CODE automation platform to implement your custom processes so they are followed every, single, time.

Use Rindle to get back control of your team’s workflows.

Still not convinced? See what others are saying about Rindle.

  • Pheli Dlamini Headshot

    “Rindle helped us move from paper to remote workflows. It is a great product for collaboration and workflows, task reminders and schedule of repeated tasks, and templates are easy to set up. Anytime you have a question or an issue there is always a live person to help you asap!”

    Pheli Dlamini

    Power Properties
  • Erica Naeger Headshote

    “I like the ease-of-use of Rindle. It's very easy to navigate and learn. I also like the customization and flexibility of automations. The Rindle team helped customize Rindle to meet our firm’s needs.”

    Erica Naeger

    Law Firm of Lance R. Drury, P.C.
  • Claire Suellentrop Headshot

    “Rindle provides the complexity that Trello lacked, AND the customization that Asana lacks. On top of that, I've found Rindle's "Workflow Automations" to be a HUGE timesaver.”

    Claire Suellentrop

    SaaS Messaging & Conversion Expert
  • Alisha Joy Headshot

    “No more emailing back and forth to communicate a job status - anyone can view the progress at any time. The Rindle Team (who we've nicknames "The Rind-dudes) are phenomenal and incredibly responsive.”

    Alisha Joy

    Resolute Building Intelligence
  • Sarah Loertscher Headshot

    “Brilliant features, such as mirroring tasks and tons of automation - Super support from customer service. The Rindle team is always responsive and they listen to opinions, feedback, and problems.”

    Sarah Loertscher

  • Asia Matos Headshot

    “The automation rules alone are insane. You can create rules to automagically move cards, complete them, auto-assign tasks, notify Slack, and so much more. The team behind Rindle is another huge plus. They're incredibly down-to-earth, accessible, and 100% committed to building features into the platform that you'll actually use.”

    Asia Matos

  • Alva Gardner Headshot

    “As an “unofficial PM”, I find Rindle's interface incredibly intuitive and easy to use - it is a DREAM. I've used other project management tools in the past, but found all of them overly complicated and lacking in customization capabilities. Rindle is the complete opposite - it has a logical learning curve and offers all the necessary customization options.”

    Alva Gardner

    Ability Now Bay Area

More reasons to love Rindle

Connects to the tools you love

Rindle integrates with all the tools you love like Harvest, Slack, G Suite, Gmail, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and more.

Unrivaled customer support

Our customer support team is the best in the industry and are always there to help — no matter what the question. Speak with a real person via email, chat, phone, and video.

Mobile apps

Work from anywhere at any time with the Rindle mobile app, the agency process management app that’s so easy to use.

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Transparent roadmap

Our roadmap is driven by customer needs — see what we’re working on at any time.

Reliable & secure

We have the controls in place to ensure we meet security standards to keep your data safe and secure.

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Bring efficiency to your team and reduce the “organized chaos” with Rindle.