Chapter Five
A Complete Guide to Business Process Management

Getting Started with Rindle

Rindle is a highly robust workflow management tool that checks the boxes on the points mentioned in the previous chapter.

  • Simplicity - Is the tool relatively easy to understand and use? Will it require a lot of setup time, onboarding, and training?

    Yes! With its clean and extremely intuitive user interface, Rindle tops the charts for ease of setup and use. It takes businesses and teams a matter of days to set up and get going rather than weeks or months.

  • Integrations - Can the tool be integrated with other third-party apps and systems?

    You bet! Rindle is equipped with several integrations with some of the most popular apps used by teams today, including Harvest for time tracking, Slack for internal and external communication, and Zapier for all your automation needs.

  • Reporting and Analytics - Are there reporting capabilities and features available? If so, what do they look like? Are they easy to set up and use?

    At Rindle, we know how important reporting and analytics are for businesses and teams, especially as they are trying to grow and scale! Rindle offers a number of reporting tools and dashboards, allowing you to customize them as you see fit.

  • Features and Functionalities - Does the tool have the features and functionalities that you actually need? Or are there a lot of “bells and whistles” that don’t actually do what you need them to do?

    Part of what makes Rindle such a great workflow management tool is that it has all the features and functionalities of a project management or task management tool, but it also provides businesses and teams with everything they need to set up, run, and automate workflows in only a few clicks.

  • Affordable Pricing - Is the tool affordable? Does the tool provide sufficient features and value for the cost?