Case Studies

How Rindle helped Blink SEO achieve more than 100% growth in one year

  • Company

    Blink logo
  • Customer

    James Macnamara Operations Director


Blink is an SEO-focused digital marketing agency that specializes in e-commerce. Based in the UK, they boost growth medium-sized e-commerce businesses around the world.


  • Challenges

    • Lacking clarity on individual tasks
    • Facing increasing complexity in workflows
    • Needing to create integrated task lists for individuals
  • Solution

    • Mirror feature lets individual items live on multiple boards
    • Information travels with tasks onto personal boards
    • Customizable automation lets you build any process needed
  • Results

    • Saved hours of time and labor every week
    • Boosted efficiency for team members
    • Reduced friction at every point in the process

The Challenge

Seamlessly creating individual task lists that eliminate confusion and offer clarity.

When Blink was a small marketing agency, they used a simple list-based task management platform. One person was able to input all of the task details for the whole team.

It served us pretty well when there were only three or four of us on the team. People would have their task lists every day, but there weren't many moving parts or workflows to manage at that time. There wasn't much complexity in the business yet.

But as the business grew, and their projects became more complex, a simple list system wasn't enough to handle everything.

They tried out a variety of platforms, including RedBooth, Accelo, and Monday, but none of them offered the combination of features and capabilities they needed.

Accelo is really restrictive, so that you have to basically build a workflow around it. We just didn't like it. So we quite quickly moved to, which has a really nice interface, and the automation was a big attraction. But we eventually realized that it's essentially a glorified list-based platform like RedBooth. The automations had so many built-in limitations that you couldn't really utilize them properly.

None of the platforms they tried truly eliminated the confusion or provided a clear view of the work to separate team members. What the agency really needed was a way to pull tasks from all of the various boards simultaneously to create integrated daily or monthly task lists for each individual.

We wanted to collect items from various places into one place. That was basically the core issue. We had some workarounds, but we just could not work out a good way to create an aggregated task list for each individual.

The Solution

Rindle's versatile mirror functionality and infinitely flexible automation.

The key to unlocking clarity and efficiency at Blink proved to be Rindle's unique mirror feature.

We didn't realize at first that Rindle's mirror feature would be the solution to our problem. But we could really see how awesome it would be to have the ability to gather individual items together.

Using Rindle, they now have multiple boards. Not just for individual projects, but for individual team members as well. Items can be "mirrored" onto any board, allowing anyone to see the exact information they need at any time.

Mirrors are a fundamental part of how we use Rindle today. We have campaign boards, where account managers allocate tasks relevant to that campaign. Every individual in the team also has their own board as well. These boards have a pretty standard kanban layout: backlog, ready to start, in progress, and so on. Everything starts out on the campaign boards. Once something gets assigned to an individual, it gets mirrored onto that individual's board.

For the first time, all of the information about a task was available to anyone who needed it. There was no need to create duplicate work or send numerous emails back and forth to clarify a task. All of the information stayed with the task, from one board to the next.

Each task lives independently, with all the information that has been written about it. As something gets moved through different kanban stages, it keeps all of its information. This means that somebody could look at it in one place, and it says the same thing as it does in another place. That just wasn't possible using Monday or any other platform. It's absolutely a massive advantage.

Another advantage was Rindle's customizable automations. Using other platforms, they had run up against limits in functionality. As a result, the process on the platform was never able to reflect the reality of the real-life workflow. But Rindle gave them the power to build anything they needed.

Rindle is set up so that you can build a process according to how it actually is in real life, rather than having to cobble something together. It eliminates the limitations you're up against with other platforms. After using Rindle, what became clear was that if you can think of a workflow, then you can build it. You never have to compromise.

The Results

Time saving. Efficiency building. Forward thinking.

The transition to using Rindle was quick, elegantly simple, and headache-free.

It went really smoothly, because Rindle is so intuitive. It has that kind of list functionality that people are used to. Putting it in place went pretty quickly. We set it all up in a weekend.

Giving every team member their own board has led to real gains in efficiency. When everyone has the power to better manage their own work, they get more done in less time.

People can use Rindle to manage their own workload much better than they could with something like Monday. And that obviously has a big impact on our business. Letting people better define their processes and their workflows adds an enormous amount of clarity to everything. It makes us much more efficient.

Now, the team at Blink doesn't have to waste time trying to figure out how to put something together in their project management system or create workarounds. Everything moves more smoothly.

The difference is all-encompassing. It saves time for the person allocating the task. It saves time for the assignee. It reduces friction at every single point. Rindle unlocks everything.

Taking a high-level view of the results that they’ve obtained using Rindle, the biggest benefit is the ability to have a single item living in multiple places. The potent combination of mirrors and automation allows you to customize the platform to suit your real world needs, rather than trying to bend your processes to fit the platform.

You need to have the flexibility to improve the workflows and processes that are already successful for you, and that's something that Rindle is particularly good at. Looking for new solutions and new ways of doing things has always been a part of our culture. That’s what has really accelerated the growth of our business. We've more than doubled in size in the past year. It should be very clear that I would absolutely recommend Rindle, and I do frequently.