The simplest way to manage task and project processes for your team

  • Create a Board.

    Boards house projects, workflows, and tasks.

  • Add rules

    Use rules on your board, with powerful conditionals, to automate processes

  • Collaborate

    Track progress and collaborate with your team

Here's how it works.

Create powerful automated projects and workflows that fit how your team works.

  • Create projects & tasks with ease

    Our simple interface lets you create your team’s projects, tasks, and workflows in seconds. Create an easy step-by-step process that everyone on your team can follow using popular kanban style boards.

    I’ve found Rindle’s Workflow Automations to be a HUGE timesaver, auto-completing pieces of my PM process and streamlining hand-offs for my team.

    Claire Suellentrop avatar

    Claire Suellentrop

    SaaS Messaging & Conversion Expert
  • Put your processes on autopilot

    Automations allow you to add rules to your boards and workflows that help you control your processes. Think of them as bots working for you tirelessly in the background, making sure your processes are followed and tasks don’t fall through the cracks.

  • Get specific with Conditionals

    Conditionals are a great way to make sure rules only continue for certain tasks. For instance, you can set up a conditional to only assign tasks that contain the keyword in the task name, or only notify a certain person if the task is for a specific customer.

    Before Rindle, our team felt disconnected and disorganized. From our very first project on Rindle we noticed we spent less time managing software and more time getting work done.

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    Brendan Elliott

    CTO, Sneaker Agency
  • Speed up processes with Mirrors

    Allow the same task to live in multiple projects and workflows, completely synced in real-time. No more copying tasks or creating duplicates in multiple places.

    • Mirror Team Assignment

      Mirror team assignment from client projects to each team’s workflow.

    • Mirror Sub Tasks

      Mirror sub tasks into a workflow as top level tasks without losing context.

    • Keep Things In-Sync

      Use mirrors to keep all features in the product workflow in-sync.

    • Super Charge Mirrors

      Super charge mirrors by creating them with any combination of automations.

  • Create repeating projects and workflows with Templates

    Do the same kinds of projects happen over and over again? Save yourself time by adding frequently-used tasks, comments, files, automations and more to a project template. No need to start from scratch each time!

    • Use Automation

      Pre-configure automations to fit your exact process.

    • Templatize Your Process

      Assign tasks, start and due dates, add sub tasks, and more.

    • Share templates

      Share templates with your team.

    • Save Templates

      Save existing projects as templates.

  • Stay up to date with Notifications

    Catch up on what's new without having to dig through tons of emails. Notifications is your one-stop-shop for processing new mentions, task assignments, comments, and more. You’ll be able to choose Notifications on:

    • Notification

      Email and browser notifications.

    • Summary Emails

      Daily summary emails for due tasks and more.

    • Mentions

      @mention anyone to send them a notification.

    • Use Automation

      Send anyone a notification with an automation.

  • Track progress & collaborate with your team

    Manage tasks, share documents, and collaborate on your work. Work with your team on tasks to get things done. Easily see what is going on across your team, track progress on projects, and have conversations around tasks.

    Finally, a project management tool that actually makes our lives easier!

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    Alisha J.

    Project Manager

Give your team the tools to get work done.

On top of the automation power you’re looking for, Rindle comes with all of the task and project management features you would expect.

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Success Story

Don’t just take it from us. Here’s what other team leaders say about Rindle:

As an ‘unofficial PM,’ I find Rindle’s interface incredibly intuitive and easy to use – it is a dream. I've used other project management tools in the past, but found all of them overly complicated and lacking in customization capabilities. Rindle is the complete opposite – it has a logical learning curve and offers all the necessary customization options.

Alva Gardner

Small Business Vocational Coordinator

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