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Let me guess: you’re not looking forward to paying per user just to make Asana more manageable? Allow us to throw Rindle’s hat in the ring.

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How do Rindle and Asana stack up?

Listen — we think Asana is a beautiful task management tool. We just believe in something that’s both easy-to-use and has powerful features without forking over extra 💸.

  • Always know what you’re working on next.

  • Out-of-the-box features at no extra cost

  • As many team members as you want*

  • Ridiculously amazing support.

* Terms and conditions apply. See Rindle's simple pricing here.

Standout Features

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  • Visual Workflow

    Visual Workflow

    Boards provide a visual workflow with list, calendar, gantt and much much more.

    View projects
  • Workflow Automations

    Workflow Automations

    Automate your workflow with powerful automations.

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  • Multiple Assignees

    Multiple Assignees

    Assign multiple team members to tasks.

  • Simple Pricing

    Simple Pricing

    Forgoet about all the hassel and budgeting.

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Small Teams
Workflow Automations
Per User Pricing
Flat Fee Pricing
Assign Tasks to Multiple People
One Drive File Attachements
Google Drive File Attachements

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