Why Rindle is More Than Just Another Task Management App

Aug 19, 2015

When you look at the landscape, there certainly isn’t a shortage of task and project management apps out there. A quick Google search will uncover so many options that are available, often resulting in a situation where a person is side-tracked from their to-do list… trying to find a way to effectively manage their to-do list! You could spend an entire weekend going through results and still not scratch the surface.

The problem in this industry is not the lack of options, because there are many solutions that you might consider. But, if you are going to put forth the effort to implement a new system, then you need to be focusing on the quality and effectiveness of the system.

Transforming Your Task Management from Boring to Effective

Rindle is not another basic task or project management app, because we have put in the effort to take this system to a higher level. We know there are plenty of basic to-do apps, and we wanted to develop a system that would revolutionize the industry.

What Rindle does is bring all your tasks together, leveraging the tools you already use, into one central place. We’re not trying to replace those other tools… instead, we’re trying to bring some zen to your personal task management and workflow.

Multiple Tools are Confusing and Ineffective

At my last job, we used Teamwork for project management. I had specific tasks in Teamwork, but I noticed there were a lot of other tasks that weren’t being tracked there. Some of the tasks, such as my personal to-do items, could have been added to Teamwork, but they didn’t fit right in the system. So I set out to find a way to track the outliers. My company used Gmail, so I started using Gmail Tasks to track my personal work.

Even though both Teamwork and Gmail were good task management systems, I found it a burden to have tasks in both locations. On top of that, I started accumulating post-it notes on my desk and monitor. This is an actual picture of my desk:


Some of those post-its and scratch notes could have gone into Teamwork, and others into Gmail Tasks. To make matters worse, I had additional to-do items floating around in my head, and these items never quite made it to my task management systems since there wasn’t a good central system for me to use.

It was confusing and frustrating to be managing tasks in four different places: Teamwork, Gmail, Post-It notes, and other ideas floating in my mind. All of a sudden I felt disconnected and completely unorganized. Even though I had seemingly effective tools in place, my personal task management and workflow felt like different workspaces that weren’t connected.

Tools for Business Management

The truth of the matter is, many companies use various tools to manage different aspects of their business. Even at Rindle, we use Gmail, Slack, Trello, and Github to name a few. Each one of these tools has a unique purpose and function, but all of them can generate tasks for you to complete. For example: an email from a team member asking for a quick favor, someone asking you to follow-up on something in a Slack channel, or maybe they assigned you to a card in Trello.

How many tools do you use at work and in your personal life every day? These tools can be beneficial when they are used correctly, but some people feel like it is a burden to use task management tools since they have to manage so many platforms.

Rindle Simplifies Your Life

These common concerns are  why we created Rindle. The goal was to simplify and streamline the task management process. These are some of the benefits that you can enjoy with Rindle:

  • Rindle lets you bring all your tasks into one central workplace, allowing you to manage them in your own custom workflow.
  • Connect other apps to Rindle so you can quickly drag & drop to create tasks, reducing the need to type each one out. (i.e Drag & drop an incoming email, and Rindle will create a task out of it.) The cool part is, the new task automatically links back to the original email, so you can always reference where that task came from.
  • Stop time-wasting tasks like jumping between tabs in your browser to track down work or sifting through email to remember something you had to get done. Rindle keeps everything in one central location for you.

While Rindle does give you the ability to manually add tasks as well, it’s not just another task or project management app. It does much more, helping you to maintain simplicity and productivity

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