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What is Visual Workflow Software?

Apr 22
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Today’s digital world is filled with sophisticated tools. We have calendars, communications apps, planners, task management tools, timelines, and more ready to use in our everyday lives. Even with the plethora of tools available, how and why do many teams still struggle with getting work done on time?

The primary issue is a lack of clarity and focus. When team members aren’t 100% clear on what needs to be done and who needs to do it, it’s impossible to see the big picture. Additionally, many project leaders and managers feel that many tools overcomplicate results and are incapable of providing the results they need to see.

In this article, we will explain what visual workflow software is and how it can help get teams on the same page, drive productivity, and improve your business.

The History of Visual Workflow Software


In the 1940s, Toyota had a very inefficient production system that was resulting in suppliers making an extreme surplus of parts and leading to cost overruns. As you can imagine, high costs and inefficient processes were spelling a recipe for disaster for Toyota.

Thankfully, engineer Taiichi Ohno was able to see far beyond their inefficient processes and recommend a new way to work. Ohno thought of a management method used at supermarkets. This method involved only restocking shelves with items that were about to go out of stock.

With this method in mind, Ohno developed the workflow management technique, which is known as “Kanban” today. Kanban uses sets of “cards” or tasks and organizes them into columns on a visual board. As each card or task moves from one column to the next, this signals steps in the production process.

Today, businesses and organizations spanning across industries of all shapes, sizes, and scope use Kanban to track and monitor processes as well as communicate what needs to be done and when.

What Visual Workflow Software is All About

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What makes a visual workflow work so well is that it’s… well… visual. It provides a top-down view of each step involved in a process or a task. Visual workflows are also simpler to communicate information to team members and other key stakeholders. They not only help team members plan and organize tasks, but also map out processes and execute them easily.

The Benefits of Visual Workflow Software

In addition to ensuring team members all know what they need to do and who needs to do it, visual workflow software also shows how each task fits into the project as a whole, allowing everyone the ability to see and understand the big-picture view of the project.

Here are some reasons why visual workflow software is important for your team and your business:

  • Visual workflows are highly adaptable and help ensure that a workflow makes sense for a company.
  • The visual modeling of workflows is done in a web-based interface and in real time.
  • Most visual workflow tools are simple to setup, use, and understand, regardless of tech-savviness or background.
  • Visual workflow tools are also available as mobile apps, allowing remote team members to work from virtually anywhere and with ease.
  • They clearly communicate strategies that underline the work, increasing precision and efficiency.
  • They show end-to-end processes.
  • They make it easier to identify inefficiencies or gaps in workflows.
  • Simplifies processes, allowing teams to get more done and in less time.

If you and your team have ever tried using project management software in the past, then you know some of them can be frustrating and can even overcomplicate processes and workflows. If this sounds like you, then visual workflow software could be the solution.

Create a Foundation for Your Visual Workflow Today

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If you need to improve business processes, information exchange, or communication, visual workflow software can help. It offers quick problem solving and can easily boost productivity since all the information is easy to see and understand.

Having a foundation is key and it needs to be done quickly, not over the course of weeks or months. That’s precisely what top visual workflow software does. With Rindle, all of the processes for a business and any work you are managing are all in the same place. There’s no need to use code to scale your team and increase efficiency. Give Rindle a try for free today.