Product Update: Meet Tasks — the fastest way to see what's on your plate

Nov 13, 2018
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Since we’ve taken Rindle out of beta and released it to the world, the Dashboard has always been a powerful feature of the platform and a long-time customer favorite.

If you ever wanted to see what was on your or someone else’s plate at any given moment, from any board or project and deadline, it’s always been able to serve you those tasks on a silver platter.

The only trouble with the Dashboard?

You couldn’t quickly search for tasks in the search bar, not all of the filtering options were available, and it didn’t show sub tasks or mirrors very well. If you had a lot of tasks in the platform, it was a tad slow. And it’s, well, not exactly a Dashboard.

So we fixed it!

Based on all of your feedback, we made some crucial updates to Dashboard, and have lovingly renamed it to Tasks.

Meet Tasks: what you loved about the Dashboard, but way faster

When you login, you’ll notice that the Dashboard view has changed. That’s because we’re planning on completely revamping the Dashboard view into an actual dashboard. More on that later.

Instead, when you click on the icon below, you’ll be directed to Tasks. You’ll be able to still do all of the filtering that you’ve always loved, but with some improvements:

  • Improved speed; now 10x faster

  • Added more filtering capabilities

    • Exclude or include
    • Filter by Board Group — brand new!
  • Show Sub Tasks (or hide them!)

  • Save your searches — which means you can create a custom view for yourself.

  • Default views

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Dramatically improved speed

First thing you’ll notice about the new and improved Tasks view is the speed. We’ve done quite a bit of work on the backend to improve both the ease of use and how fast your Task view actually loads.

You’ll be able to add any number of filters, inclusions, and exclusions to your query and boom! The search loads almost instantly. You’ll be sorting, sifting, and knocking out tasks faster than ever.

That means a lot less time waiting and way more time doing.

More filtering capabilities at your fingertips

You’ve asked and we delivered. You can now filter your tasks by exclusions (and therefore inclusions) and Board Groups. If you want to find tasks that have no tags, for example, you can now do that by de-selecting the exclusion checkbox. If you want to search by tasks that include specific details — like tags, users, due dates, etc. — you’ll be able to do that as well.

We’ve also added filtering by Board Group, so if you’d like to see the tasks associated with a specific Board Group, then you now have the power. Asking questions like “What’s Marketing working on?” just got a whole lot easier and faster.

Save your searches — and load a default view

Do you use the same view over and over and over again? Perfect. You’re going to love saving a search and loading them at any time.

With Tasks, you get to work the way you want to work. Sort, arrange, and sift through tasks how you want to! Tasks also allows you to save your searches — complete with all applied filters, configurations, and queries.

Plus, we’ve sweetened the deal by allowing you to set a default view, so you never have to re-apply a search ever again.

Redesigning the Dashboard

So by now you must be wondering, “But wait… what about the Dashboard-Dashboard? What happens to that now that it’s Tasks?”

Excellent question.

We’ve got plans for an actual Dashboard — one that’s much more focused on what you’ve missed since you last logged in and what you need to catch up on.

That’s why you’ll still see the Dashboard icon, but just know that a total overhaul is coming to it. If you want those filters and views, Tasks will be your new best friend.

See everything on your plate with Tasks

Excited to give Tasks a shot? All you have to do is login to Rindle, click the Tasks icon and start applying filters and designing specific views and searches.

Don’t have a Rindle account yet? It’s easy to get started. Just click here to start your free trial and you’ll be managing your projects and automating workflows in no time. See you in Rindle!