Flex Your Analytics Muscle With Reports

Jul 6, 2018
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Track those gainz!

Welcome to Rindle reporting.

Whether you are highlighting superstar progress for the executive team, or isolating problem areas that could leave room for improvement, navigate on over to our reporting section to gauge your progress.

New Rindle Reporting Feature - Board Report

In the current data landscape, no one is immune to relying on concrete statistics to size up growth, and your organization is no different.

But you won't need NASA-level credentials to decipher Rindle reports.

Tasks are categorized by status, and users can slice and dice reports to review the status of tasks over time for all boards, a specific board, or by user.

For example, the peach colored category, titled, "Stale," isolates tasks that have not been viewed or opened in seven days.

New Rindle Reporting Feature - Overview Reports

Isolate bottlenecks by project, seasonality, or department.  Examine activity by user.

Drill into board progress over increments of 7, 30 and 90 days.  Understand the acceleration and environment of completed tasks.

Don't be left in the dust this season.  It's never too late to start tracking data points large and small within your business!

Check out the Reports help doc.