An entirely new way to manage tasks for business.

Rindle tracks every task, for every employee, across your entire organization. Easily separate work that has to get done from the chaos of constant chatter.
Rindle Unified Task Management

Reduce the Noise

Eliminate unnecessary emails, chats, and meetings. Tasks live in a dedicated channel.

Increase Accountability

Route tasks through your company with increased engagement and follow through.

Employee Adoption

Tasks can be received, completed, and commented on right from your email inbox.

Create a standard communication channel for tasks at every level of your organization.
This is Rindle.

Direct Tasks

Emails and Slack messages get lost in the mix. Rindle allows anyone in your company to assign tasks to each other and they show up instantly on their task list.
Rindle Direct Tasking
Rindle Group Tasking

Group Tasks

Do you need the entire company to complete a set of tasks? Or maybe just a department? With Rindle you can mass assign tasks to all employees or a specific group of employees.

A Place for Everything Else

Whether it’s personal task lists, small side projects, or simple workflows, Rindle’s card system is flexible and just the right tool to keep things, that seem to get lost in the shuffle, organized.
Rindle Everything Else

Best-in-class task & project management platform for business

Your complete task management strategy under one roof. Interoffice tasking, personal employee task lists, and collaborative spaces for projects and workflows. Connect the apps you already use to supercharge the platform.
Rindle Dashboard
Rindle Overview

Learn more about what Rindle can do for your company.

Empower every level in your company

Rindle creates an all encompassing task ecosystem for Every Employee, Managers, Department Heads, and Executives with features that massively enhance engagement and productivity.

Every Employee

Every employee in the company has a dedicated place to manage their tasks, small projects, and workflows. They can assign tasks to any other employees and their managers with Direct Tasking.


Managers can use Direct Tasking to assign their team tasks, keep them organized, and monitor engagement and follow through. With Group Tasking they can mass assign deliverables to the entire team.

Department Heads

Departments, like HR, can use Group Tasking to assign tasks to the entire company for things like benefit enrollment form renewals, timesheet entries, and employee onboarding.


Executives can use Group Tasking to assign tasks to specific departments or the entire company for things like company policy changes, new procedures, and company events.

Connect to the apps you use every day.

Your employees can reduce context switching by connecting the apps they use everyday to easily centralize their tasks.


Rindle Google Calendar Integration

Google Calendar

Rindle Google Drive Integration

Google Drive

Rindle Zapier Integration


Rindle helps your employees centralize their tasks.

Rindle gives me a complete birds eye view of all my todos across Github, Trello and Slack. Now I never miss a thing, it’s all in one place and has made managing my workflow fun again!

Rindle Testimonial - Dom
Dominique BriggsDesigner & Project Manager
What I like best about Rindle is that it adapts to my personal workflow, not the other way around. It’s the one app to rule them all.
Rindle Testimonial - Jack
Jack BeaudoinFreelance Writer
I’m always searching for ways to help me enhance my productivity. Using Rindle allowed me to easily develop a personalized workflow that integrates with the tools I already use, rather than be constrained by them. I think the search is over.
Rindle Testimonial - Chris
Chris RosatoUX Strategy Consultant
Rindle is an awesome product! I love it, mainly because it can be as simple as any Kanban board while still packing the power features I felt were missing.
Rindle Testimonial - Evandro
Evandro CamargoFull Stack Web Developer

Streamline task management in your company with a standardized place for tasks to live, above all the chatter.

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