More powerful than Trello, easier to use than Asana.

Focus on the work, not complicated software.

Rindle is a task and project management tool your team will actually want to use.

Rindle Board

Deliberately flexible

Create a project, add as many team members as you want, assign tasks and follow each other’s progress. Rindle’s flexible project boards adapt to your workflow and make sure everyone is on the same page. Task and project management has never been easier.

Rindle was perfect for managing our client on-boarding workflow between our Customer Success and Customer Support departments. I had my team up and running in days, not weeks or months.
Alexandra Perakis, AudienceView

A birds-eye view of your workday

Rindle’s dashboard is your starting point into a highly productive day. Get a quick overview of your open tasks, see what’s happened in your projects and decide what to focus on for the day.

Rindle Dashboard

Rindle includes all the features you’d expect from a leading project management solution.

Information at your fingertips

Dive into the details by adding comments, attachments, start & due dates, sub tasks, and more directly to Rindle cards. Collaborate and nail down all the details of projects from beginning to end.
Before Rindle, our team felt disconnected and disorganized. From our very first project on Rindle we noticed we spent less time managing software and more time getting work done.
Brendan Elliott - Sneakers Agency
Brendan ElliottCTO, Sneakers Agency

Let us do the heavy lifting

Super charge your projects with powerful automatic workflows customized to exactly how your team works, with simple triggers and actions. Think of these as IF THEN statements. Here’s an example:

If I move a task to the REVIEW list, add a tag named IN REVIEW and assign JOHN our QA engineer.

Automations are a game changer for our team. They have streamlined our workflow saving us a ton of time and made us more consistent with completing imperative deliverables.
Marty BhatiaDigital Ninja

Report across every team and project

Rindle’s real-time reports cut across every team and project to summarize key activity whenever you need it. Know which team members are most active, which projects have bottle necks, and how many open tasks left to be completed.
Rindle Reports

Connect the apps you use everyday

We’ve built Rindle with integrations front of mind. Whether it is email, calendars, or files we have you covered with hundreds of integrations.


Rindle and Slack work better together. Add new Rindle cards to boards directly from Slack without needing to hop through the app switching hoop. Paste Rindle URLs and get valuable card data.


In addition to local file uploads, you can connect Rindle with the cloud storage service of your choice for seamless file management.

Email & calendars

Email and calendars are core to our productivity. Whether you simply want to convert an email into a task or keep an entire Rindle board synced with a calendar, We have you covered.

Time tracking

Track time seamlessly without ever leaving Rindle. Simply enable Harvest or Toggl  and start tracking time on your cards in Rindle. It’s as if time tracking was already built in.

Rindle Zapier Integration
Connect Rindle to over 1000 apps
Rindle is available on Zapier where you can connect our task & project management app with hundreds of other apps and effortlessly set up automatic workflows between them. All of this without writing coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

Lose the complicated software. Enjoy a simple, beautifully designed task & project management tool that your team will actually use.

If you fall in love with Rindle, but need help bringing your team on board, we offer personal setup assistance & training, too!